FWF Week 6: Terrible

As part of the Frugal Girl's Food Waste Friday, I am cleaning out my fridge each week to evaluate what has gone bad and then posting it on here in an effort to reduce my grocery waste and hopefully, one day, have a week of no waste! (This week is not that week)

goat's milk - I bought this thinking I would make some ricotta for pasta rustica. But half way through the week the thought of pasta rustica turned my stomach and I wanted something else. Hubs said I need to get my pms under control. I wish he could experience it just once to gain some sympathy.

goat's milk ice cream - Bought this a while back when I didn't feel like making ice cream (truthfully, my freezer was too full for the ice cream bowl). but I have to remember to tell myself at the store how much better mine tastes because in comparison. This had a waxy flavor that I couldn't get past. Figured I would take back my freezer space by ditching it, because let's be real here, I'm not eating it.

one bowl salad - I really wanted to eat this, but after a few bites, I looked down into my bowl and saw a big, black dead fly. No thank you, I'll have a sandwich.

beet greens - no excuse or explanation.

arugula - no excuses, just laziness to incorporate this into salads. shame because i love arugula.

one tablespoon chopped parsley - lost this one to the fridge monster, only to have it reappear with mold. mold! on parsley. seriously? how does this happen?!

I seriously hope you all had much better weeks. What do you do when you just don't want what you have planned? I normally can just switch to another day and eat it later in the week, but this week was not that week.

I will say that although we wasted a lot, it could have been much worse. I used the chicken carcasses after we bought and butchered four chickens to make some stock and mushroom soup. I picked the chicken from the bones and made chicken salad. I made some chili that got quite a bit of odds and ends tossed in (a on the brink sweet potato, some leftover tomatillo salsa, leftover pulled pork, etc.) and used the last of the sheep's yogurt in some pancakes as a buttermilk substitute. 

3 lovely comments:

  1. Hey, we're a goat's milk house too!

    It's great when fresh but when it goes off...

    My fridge also hides food on me so that it can mold and make me look ineffective C:

  2. By looking at your food waste, I would say that you didn't like green stuff. But it's easy for the leafy greens to get away from us, isn't it?

    1. Yeah, they just got away from us. I love arugula, but this week I wasn't feeling anything but chocolate cake to be honest. ;)