I'm Jess - wife, home cook, and interior designer. I live in Florida the southwest with my husband. Originally from Pittsburgh, we met back in high school and a short 10 years later, got married. We enjoy cooking together and trying new foods and ingredients within a reasonable budget.

Since finding out in my late teens that I can't have casein (a protein in cow's milk), I've had to adapt my favorite recipes to suit my dietary restrictions. Despite the hassle, my allergy has prompted me to be a more adventurous eater (and cook). Check out my page on Dairy Substitutes for more information on casein.

Click here to read more about my food philosophy.

P.S. Isn't my husband the cutest?!

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  1. I love this photo of you guys! It is so beautiful and you look so happy!


  2. What a great picture. Beautiful scenery, happy couple. Such a pleasant sight to see. Patti

  3. What a wonderful picture. Beautiful scenery, happy people. What a great sight.