FWF: Week 2.

This week I still had some serious food waste.

a potato. I could salvage quite a few potatoes nearing their end, but this one just didn't make it. Luckily it was a little guy, so I feel a bit less bad. 

lettuce. I knew this one would be a challenge. Usually we eat up salads for lunch, but my husband's work schedule changed and he didn't end up taking his lunch to work, which meant I had too much lettuce. Should have eaten more dinner salads.

a mango. No excuses. Should have cut it up and put it on the above lettuce and called it a salad.

leftover tart dough. I made a half recipe of dough, but it didn't come out quite right. I re-made it for my Blood Orange Tart, put the funky dough in the fridge thinking, maybe I can fix it, but I didn't...

snow peas. Made these for the hubs lunch. He ate most of them, but had some leftovers, which never got eaten.

a clove of garlic. You know the one. The odd ball one in an otherwise beautiful bulb that just is bad from the moment you bring it home. I call not my fault.

And, I still have a fridge full of food. I've been using up the veggies and fruit we were gifted on our recent California trip, and supplementing with some things from the market.

A no-so-surprising bonus of participating in FWF is that I have become more responsible with not only using everything up (which stretches everything further), but also in buying less to begin with. Our grocery bill this week totaled 39.70. Over $5.00 of that was for a jar of martini olives (we all have our vices, no?). I know many people who spend less on groceries, for bigger families, but for us, this was a decent week. And I imagine next week will be even lighter, in waste and in spending.

Check out The Frugal Girl to see how other people did this week. 

2 lovely comments:

  1. I have also learned to buy less from FWF. Looks like your waste would have made an interesting salad (if it had still been good.)

  2. Nice blog. I found a new way to use leftover roast lamb. http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2012/02/salad-with-leftover-lamb.html