FWF Week 5: Sheesh

cheese - This is supposed to be a dry cheese, and my hubs was concerned that I was tossing good cheese, but this thing could have killed someone it was so dry and hard. Not salvageable as far as I could tell.
cherry Tomatoes - Shriveled.

store bought hot dog buns - Previously frozen and thawed during a freezer clean out, while not moldy, they just didn't get eaten. It could have been that I made some bread (semolina bread and sandwich buns) earlier in the week and these buns from when we first moved into this apartment were old and I'm sure tasteless. And a little too squishy.

half a can evaporated goat's milk - Not even sure if this is bad, because goat's milk stuff tastes a little off on a good day, but figured I'd go on the safe side here. I used the half a can in some BBQ meatballs, but I didn't freeze the other half right away and then kept wondering "Is it still good?" in my head.

I was a little upset that I wasted the buns and the milk. The milk I really should have saved, but the buns I'm feeling better about now that they are in my trash. I tried all week to use them in various applications, but they just didn't compare to my bread. They were initially bought to tide us over until we settled here, not for nutrition or flavor. And I'm almost certain that any value that they had in either of those categories has been reduced to 0 since being frozen for half a year.

Grocery Spending this week: $30.44. Not too shabby.

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  1. I agree with you. I wouldn't sweat the hot dog buns. They're not that good to begin with.