FWF Week 4: Gettin' Better

This week, while I did have some food waste, I didn't have too much.

A bit of beet greens and some egg whites. I made something earlier in the week that used the yolks and had the whites left over. I already have whites in the freezer, so I didn't want to just add more to that pile. I made them into scrambles for the hubs one morning, but they didn't go over well. I almost took one for the team and ate the rest of the eggs, but my husband said that they tasted like farts. So...these farty egg whites are showing up today and getting pitched.

A pear also went bad, but I think this one is on the grocery store and not me. I brought home 4 pears. 3 still have yet to ripen, but one turned to mush about 1.5 days after it's arrival in my kitchen.

Our grocery bill this past week was $195.38. That certainly is a lot, but I'm pretty certain that I won't be needing much in way of groceries for at least another week, possibly two (aside from some fresh veggies and eggs).

How did you do this week? See how the Frugal Girl did (jealous!) and other participating bloggers over at The Frugal Girl's blog.

4 lovely comments:

  1. Egg farts. Yuck! Goes nicely with my coffee fiasco! ;-) I don't blame you for not eating them. Fruit rarely goes bad in my house unless I bought marginal quality at the store. With four starving children around all day I can't seem to buy enough fruit!

  2. By the way, what would you do with beet greens? I plan to grow some beets this year and had no idea that their greens would even be considered waste.

    1. Beet greens can be eaten in salads or eaten like any other greens. Growing up we always steamed our beet greens. They were very sweet and very good.

    2. We usually steam them and use them as we would spinach. They can also be eaten in salads, like live and learn said, but I find that I like them better if they are a bit softer because sometimes they can be a little tough.