FWF: Week 3

Slowly but surely I'm getting a bit better at this. Total food waste this week was not as bad as previous, but I still have a long way to go until there is no waste.

So, what went bad?

1/2 c. chicken stock. I made a creamy gravy for raviolis and didn't know what to do with the remaining half. I was using it for the gravy because it was already getting to the point where it would need to go, and I didn't have anything that needed stock coming up to eat. It's homemade, so the cost to us is negligible. Old chicken bones don't really cost a thing, and makes about 20 cups. So, this half cup, while I'm sad to see it go, isn't a tragedy.

a bit of lettuce. Just a few bites really. I'd say less than half a serving.

1 c. coleslaw. I made a whole cabbage worth of coleslaw last week, and I have to say that while I do feel bad about wasting this, it's not a huge cost and it's more of the coleslaw than usually gets finished.

2 scones. I made scones last week as part of a Club Baked recipe pick. All was going well, except that I didn't realize how quickly they would develop what appeared to be mold. The hubs and I were both unsure if it was really mold or just butter and flour, but we didn't want to risk it. Sadly, two scones bit the dust. Note to self: make half recipes when baking.

Still a ways to go, but feeling better about getting the hang of this. Grocery bill this week: $1.67. I ran out and bought bread because I wanted french toast but was feeling a bit lazy and didn't want to wait for bread to get made at home. I feel like next week will be a doozy.

4 lovely comments:

  1. I don't know if it was enough for you to mess with, but stock freezes well.

  2. This was stuff I had already thawed and we still have so much in our (overflowing) freezer, so I did think about it, but didn't really have the room and didn't know how it would do frozen twice.

  3. Scones don't last an hour in my house...that's one thing I do NOT have to worry about wasting! :-) Looks to me like you did a great job!

  4. Sometimes when I have extra stock that needs to be used up I use stock instead of water when making rice or somthing similar. But I think you did great with your waste and only spending $1.67 at the grocery store.