Awkward & Awesome Thursday

1. Climbing into our really tall bed, getting about halfway up and then tumbling back out to land on the floor. While Nick was watching.
2. Going onto the porch to turn off the grill, but walking into the closed screen door instead.
3. Getting laid off for the second time in two years. Yuck.
4. Coconuts. Or rather, trying to get them to give up their goodness. Who saw them and thought, maybe if I hit these hard enough and the shell cracks open, there will be something tasty inside?
5. Calling our still twinkling Christmas porch lights "Valentine's Day Lights" because they are still up and still twinkling.

1. When I was feeling under the weather, Nick made me a big pot of tea and put it in the fridge, so my sicky self only had to pour and hit reheat on the microwave. I know I'm spoiled.
2. Scrubbing Bubbles Extended Clean Bathroom Cleaner. Seriously. This stuff is magic.
3. The Rolex 24 Hour race. Nick and I had so much fun. We even got free chili tickets from a guy and his girlfriend who bought too many. He told us "Here, to a fellow PBR drinker" and gave us more tickets than we could use. We passed off the rest to the last person in line when we left.
4. Having your former employer help land you an interview the first official day you're unemployed. Woo Hoo!
5. The Steelers are going to the Superbowl! Here we go!

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