Standing Rib Roast Burritos

My love affair with items wrapped in tortillas goes way back. During the Girl Scouts when I was about 10, I brought quesadillas to the "Bring your Favorite Food" meeting. Needless to say, my mother's homemade dessert quesadillas, made with Monterrey Jack cheese and brown sugar wrapped inside of fried, then baked corn tortillas, was not a hit by the chicken nugget and brownie crowd.

 So, it's no surprise that I love burritos. We eat them a lot to use up the little bits of veggies we collect with other meals or meat we have left over from some other meal. Tonight's burrito was a mix of veggies that we needed to use up, an avocado getting too ripe, a half used orange pepper from this recipe, some left over cilantro, an onion, and watercress from this dinner. Add a tomato and some cheese (Drunken Goat's Cheese - which adds a creaminess with the perfect amount of tang). Pull some black beans from the freezer and heat up the remainder of a rib roast from the weekend, sliced very thin and you've got the makings of a great dinner.

I wrapped up two more for our lunches tomorrow (without the leafy stuff and avocados - packed separately). I am so excited to eat the rest up tomorrow. Yum!

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