Spring Onion Green Potatoes - Two Ways

Now that I'm back to being myself (post licensing exam - part I), I am feeling like I have more time. Today, we went to the Daytona Beach Farmer's Market. It's a weird place, but to get great deals on local veggies and fruits, it's well worth the trip. The awesome kettle corn doesn't hurt either. We needed to get some onions for a the week and they had a bounty of spring onions. I picked one up and brought it home.

I was putting away our food and chopped off the green part, since it was cumbersome in the veggie drawer. Not yet sure that these greens were garbage, I saved them figuring I could figure out something to do with them. After a little research, we decided to use them in some leftover mashed potatoes. Always up for an experiment, we decided to try it two ways.

The first batch we prepared like onions or leek, wilting and caramelizing the greens and then adding them to the potatoes:

The second batch received chopped raw onion greens tossed into the potatoes as is - sort of like chives:

And the winner is:

It's a tie! Nick liked the wilted onion better because it tasted richer, sort of like a pierogi. It did have a more buttery flavor, probably from the oil used to saute the greens. I preferred the raw greens. I felt it gave a more crisp, onion-y flavor and didn't taste as heavy and rich as the wilted greens.

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