Kitchen Lifesaver - Our Weekly Menu

Each week, we post (on the board above) a list of the meals for that week. It's a rough outline. Unless we have very complicated or ingredient heavy sides, we typically don't list them unless there is room, or we wanted to make sure they got eaten that day. Broiled asparagus, grilled corn, even I can remember those, but the main dish goes up there, so we know what to take out of the freezer and what to start when we get home exhausted from a day's work.

We try and save the more complicated meals for the weekends and make quick and easy meals during the week. We try and keep in mind what is in the freezer - too much chicken stock and we make risotto, too many beans and we have burritos, etc.We also try and keep in mind leftovers. Usually one day we leave blank for leftovers or a meal made from the hodge podge of items we have remaining from the other meals.This week, some of Nick's family is in town and we are going out to dinner with them, so we've left one space for that as well. 

I had no idea that creating this weekly menu would be such a lifesaver. I never have to think about "What's for dinner?" because I already know. We can prep ingredients or meal components earlier in the week or weekend so that life is easier during the week. For example, Nick usually makes all the bread (or at least the dough) for the week on the weekend. And grocery shopping is easier and more economical when we go prepared.

What do you do to streamline your meal prep during the week?

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