A New Year

So, 2011, I've got big plans for you. With all the planning and organizing and studying and running around that happened in 2010, I am glad that this year is looking like it will be a little more relaxing. I have 5 goals for the year, all of which should be attainable. I think it's ridiculous to set yourself up for failure. Setting goals to better yourself and keep yourself on the track you want to follow makes a whole lot more sense to me than making a resolution that is so lofty it lasts two weeks and leaves you feeling down on yourself for the entire year.

1. To have more fun. Nick and I spent so much time last year on projects and didn't get the chance to go out and check out local attractions. I want to make a more conscious effort this year to go out and make fun memories.

2. To read 26 books. Or, to read one book every two weeks during 2011 and keep record of those that I read.

3. To photograph more. Because I'm forgetful.

4. To study for and take Part 3 of the NCIDQ. To get it the heck out of the way.

And lastly, a real lofty goal and probably the one that I will have the hardest time reaching:

5. To fold and put away laundry after washing. I have serious problems with this. I absolutely hate it.  But I guess it's not that cool to go through the hassle of digging through a pile of clean clothes to find two matching socks every morning.

What are your goals for the upcoming year?

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