Awkward & Awesome Thursday

So, Sydney, over at The Daybook does this fun thing on Thursdays where she lists Awesome and Awkward things that happen throughout her week. I think it's fun - who doesn't have some awkward moments, and don't you want to sit back and remember the awesome? Here's mine this week:


1. The fact that when I started this post I misspelled awkward (akward!!).
2. Coming home to a slow cooker chili to find out that Nick forgot the beans - and the tomatoes.
3. Lifting a trunk over a couch trying to set a window display and scratching yourself in the face with the trunk.
4. Our amaryllis that has no leaves, but two flower shoots.
5. Still not taking down the twinkly Christmas lights on the porch even though it's coming up on February. Yes, apparently we are those neighbors.
6. Sit down bicycles. Maybe they are comfortable, but they sure do look a little bit funny.
7. Trying to "crumble" the cinnamon/butter paste onto my dough for cinnamon rolls, per my mom's directions, just to make a mess, get it all over my hands, and have Nick look at me, chuckle, and hand me an offset spatula.


1. Spellcheck
2. Nick salvaging the chili - and it was delish!
3. Talking with my family - we totally don't do it enough.
4. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
5. Getting up, eating breakfast, showering, and going back to bed to cuddle with a still sleeping husband.
7. The above mentioned cinnamon rolls. Mmm hmmm...

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