a taste of what's to come

Our garden is doing well. The herbs are huge, and we're starting to get ripe, red (and purple) tomatoes. Our green bean surprised us with a handful of big, tender beans the other day, so we made a mini side dish of green beans so we could enjoy them while at there peak.

I simply cut them into uniform lengths and sauteed them with some olive oil, salt and pepper. Towards the end of the cooking, I threw in a little fresh thyme as well.

They were fantastic. Better than any green beans that I've had prior. I can't wait for our other veggies to start producing. 

How are your gardens doing? 

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  1. The beans look great!! Here in CO we've got a super short growing season so I've not been able to plant anything yet, it still freezes at night :( but my seedlings are doing good. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll get them in the ground. I'm amazed at the harvest you've had already, and I'm jealous :)