Avocado Kiwi Salsa

My boss came in to work the other day and had me taste her homemade salsa. It was a nice, refreshing combination of kiwi and avocado. Of course, then I asked for the recipe, thinking how nicely it would go with the fillet of snapper I had in the freezer.

4 kiwi, diced
2 avocado, diced
2-3 tbsp cilantro, diced
3 tbsp lime juice, diced
2 jalapeno peppers, diced
1/2 orange or red bell pepper, diced
1/4 c red onion, diced

Mix everything together in a bowl to combine. I would recommend if you don't like heat to remove the seeds from the jalapeno.

We grilled the snapper fillet (seasoned with salt, pepper and olive oil) and served with a heaping side of the salsa. It went great with the fish and the leftover salsa went perfectly with some tortilla chips.

1 lovely comments:

  1. Beautiful! I love avocados and kiwi, I bet they made a great salsa. Darn it, I saw kiwi on sale yesterday & didn't get them. BOO!