Snack Break: Salmon and Cream Cheese Crackers

I'm pretty sure that it's quite obvious that I am an avid snacker. When I had a desk job, I'm pretty sure that if you stopped by my cubicle, chances are I would be munching on something. And while I certainly love a cookie now and then, regular snacking usually consists of more savory foods. Sliced apples being a particular favorite.

My favorite thing about snacking is the relative ease in preparation. This "recipe" is no different. Crackers spread with cream cheese, topped with just a bit of salmon. Add a sliced apple and you've got yourself a light lunch.

For an easy alternative, if salmon leftovers never occur at your house, try adding smoked salmon in place of the leftover salmon.

1 lovely comments:

  1. I LOVE smoked salmon on crackers... SO delicious. I love regular cooked salmon too but chances are there won't be any leftover to put on crackers ;)