Tasty Turkey Leftovers

So, back at Thanksgiving, we had tons of turkey leftover. We had made a 16 pound bird and we are only two people. To keep us from eating the same thing for weeks, we looked into recipes to use the leftovers in different ways. We ate the traditional turkey salad, turkey sandwich, turkey paninis, etc. But we also made these turkey cranberry raviolis. And three months later, with the help of our freezer, we are tasting them again. And they are still delicious. We had made them with the wonton wrappers, as suggested in the recipe, but later this week we are trying our hand at pasta dough as the wonton wrappers don't tend to seal as tightly as I would like. We're officially done with Thanksgiving leftovers now, but I am already looking forward to the things we'll make with this years turkey. What's your favorite way to eat Thanksgiving leftovers?

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