another use for those old t-shirts

So, I recently went to yoga class in one of Nick's t-shirts. I just had bought him new ones and got rid of the old so I thought I was in the clear. I came back from class, looked in the mirror, raised my arm and uh-oh. Yep, I had gone out in a lovely white t-shirt with attractive little stains in the underarm area. Looks like we will be purging a few more...

But rather than just throw out those old tees that are too worn to be worn, try re-purposing them into something useful. You could always cut them up to use as un-paper towels as I showed in my last tutorial, but if you have enough of those to last you for a bit, why don't you try making a super cute grocery tote?


Based on an inventory of Nick's current t-shirts, I think I might be making a few of these in the near future. Check out this tutorial from //between the lines// for step by step instructions.

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