Kitchen Gear: POP Containers for a well stocked pantry

I love our POP Containers. Our pantry is infinitely more organized since we've purchased them. So, to those of your with small kitchens, small cabinets, and those of you who don't want to sift through your cabinets for ten minutes just to find your oats are infested with bugs, this post is for you. 

To be honest, we had all of those issues. And so we knew we needed a new solution for our dry goods. We make most of our food from scratch, so we reach for the flour, cornmeal and bread crumbs on a regular basis. We also have several different flours that we use in different recipes, but not all of them quickly enough to keep them fresh and bug-free.

Cook's Illustrated has assured me that keeping flours, even all purpose, in the freezer is acceptable and does not alter the flavor of foods made with it in any way. Great. But the freezer we have is also pretty maxed out. I can't store 8 flours in there along with the giant beef tenderloin.


The POP containers are a great solution to these problems. They seal airtight, so we've had no issues opening up a container of flour after a month and finding little buggies in there. The square shape allows for easy stacking and is a more efficient use of cabinet space. The clear plastic allows the content to easily be seen making finding what you need a piece of cake. We've been using them for a few months now and I'm very pleased with the product so far.

These opinions are my own and, as with all my product reviews, they are intended to help you make educated decisions on kitchen products. I am not paid in any way to endorse these products.

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  1. I'm super jealous of your matching organized pantry! All my baking needs are in mismatched containers!