The Saucy Kitchen Gets a Makeover!

We’ve been doing a lot of reorganizing in our lives lately. Getting married does that to you I guess. With all our ducks in a row at home, I started to think about some other things that needed sprucing and this blog was definitely one of them. I’ve been wanting to update the design for quite some time, but hadn’t had the time or the energy to devote to such an undertaking.

And an undertaking it was. Bless Nick for his patience in trying to teach me HTML and for giving his honest options on header options and fonts and other things I’m sure he doesn’t give a hoot about. After some late nights on my part, here it is.

In addition to a new layout and design, you'll also notice a few new features, including a Print Friendly button below each post. This will allow you to print out each blog post individually, with or without photographs, making it easier to print and store recipes. You can also now contact me via email at I hope you enjoy!

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